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#1 2010-03-26 11:42:19

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why can't I play the music that are already in my iPod ?

Apple does not permit to access the songs in your iTunes library. Actually apps can play songs, but not access the "data" of the song which is mandatory for analysing it.
We've been reporting this to Apple, they took it into account, but who knows when they'll change it?

Some rhythm games took this solution: they play the music in your iTunes library and download the data from thier website. It sounds nice but has 2 main drawbacks:
- you are limited to songs they have in their database. You can't play on that unknown singer you love.
- beats may be out of sync if the song they processed is not exactly the same version you have.

So we chose a different solution: you have this extra step of uploading your files in the game, but then you are guaranteed it will works perfectly all the time!

EDIT: this feature is now available on iOS4! Please update!

Q: When I type the numbers in the web browser bar it does a google search.

If a google search is launched instead of the music transfer site it means either:

- you misstyped something. Please check the numbers you typed are separated by dots. For example:

- your device is not not reachable for some reason: game is not running, the Wi-Fi connection is down, firewall retrictions, etc.

Q: I see the music transfer site, but how do I add the music I listen to with iTunes?

If all your music is stored in iTunes you'll be able to find all the music files in My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\Music. Then pick a song and transfer it to the game.

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Root » Questions » Frequently Asked Questions [RSS Feed]